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Dear Overseas Hotels & Resorts

"Resorre" [rizo:re] is an online media, which provides premium resort recommendation service specifically suited to meet each customer's needs and life style. Resorre offers wide variety of information about the preferred resort areas & properties selected by travel enthusiasts, local travel agents, tour guides, and its associates. Resorre helps people to find their own premium resort and have the holiday experience of your life time.

Most of travel web site uses the same template provided by each hotel and resort. One of Resorre's differentiation is to show the life style and entertainments in each resorts, and explain and visualize all the facility, activity and service style of each hotels from visitor point of view. Users will have more visualized image to have an enjoyable time in hotels and resorts.

In 2008, 16.0 million Japanese people traveled overseas. When people plan a trip, there are many ways to gather information, such as a brochure from a travel agency, travel magazines, or an online travel site. Recently, gathering this type of information from the Internet has become much more popular than before. However, even now, it is extremely difficult to check and find the most helpful information called "previous visitor's personal experience".

Yes, there are websites that offer feedback from previous users' experiences. But those feedbacks do not necessary represent the opinion from people who has similar profile and the life style with you. Flood of information from the Internet makes even harder for you to determine the best hotel and resort suited for your particular tastes.

Resorre offer an online travel site that consults and navigates the premium resort that is suited to your style. We help you to find the wonderful and enjoyable resort experience from the country that you have never visited before.

We are very pleased to welcome to work with you and please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

Best Regards,